Handphone Qwerty Touchscreen 2013

Handphone Qwerty Touchscreen 2013 – Cross Mobile launches mobile products qwerty Cross G1Q. Besides dual GSM, Cross G1Q also available analog TV feature. Although there is a qwerty keypad but the screen is a touchscreen phone. Cross G1Q size 2.8-inch screen with a lot of applications on it.

Handphone Qwerty Touchscreens have spread through the smartphone market like wildfire since the introduction of the iPhone in 2007 and one of its chief victims has been physical keyboards. Though the Motorola Droid series has stood resilient and continued improving its physical keyboard, most phones have done away with  buttons in favor of thinness and weight. Still, though the keyboard is under attack, there are still a few shining examples of good QWERTY phones out there. Below are our favorites.

Our best QWERTY phones list is continually updated as we review new phones with physical keyboards that enter the market.

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Physical keypads, especially in smartphones, are a rare thing and therefore finding a good phone with a Qwerty keypad is one big task. Here is what we think are the best phones for those who can’t do without physical buttons.

There was a time when a smartphone meant a phone with a Qwerty keypad (well there were other things to it as well,) but now that is history. Except for BlackBerry nobody makes smartphones with Qwerty keypads any longer. Till about six months back there were some Android phones available with physical buttons but now even they are no longer sold.

In the feature phone segment too finding a Qwerty keypad is difficult. Either you will find an alphanumeric keypad or touch display. We have not tested or even seen many Qwerty phones sold by Indonesian brands. By and large, only Nokia has been launching products with Qwerty keypads of late (even if Indonesian brands launch they seldom announce their devices).

This story was necessary because we still get queries from people asking for the best phones with physical keypads. Most people are not comfortable with only a touch display. If you are one of them, here are the top five choices for you in each range.

While it may be premature to place the BlackBerry Q5 in the latter category, it’s clear that this is the company’s first device from the BB10 family aimed at the middle, a pared-down and significantly less expensive version of its Q10 flagship.

BlackBerry might be putting itself up for sale, but until such a time the company needs to sell smartphones. The Q5, available in Canada for between $350 and $450 outright, is a perfect product to herald the new 2-year contract era. Its price is low enough for parents to pick one up for their kids returning to school, or for companies to buy hundreds to distribute to their office drones.

But is it worth your hard-earned money? Let’s take a look.

blackberryq5review handphoneqwerty 292x300 Handphone Qwerty Touchscreen 2013

The Blackberry Q5 does more things right than wrong, and is recommended to anyone needing a hardware QWERTY device who doesn’t want to spend more than the bare minimum. Handphone Qwerty Touchscreen 2013.

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